How are your teeth prepared?

Below we’ll show you the steps of preparing dentures with the most modern technology.

After the dentist has taken an impression of your teeth, a plaster cast is created in our laboratory to give us an exact representation of your mouth and teeth.

We then divide the sample into sections so that the necessary teeth can be removed.  The neck of the tooth is engraved and grind under. After this preliminary preparation we scan the teeth with the ZirconZahn S600 Scanner for all necessary information, then with +D planning we achieve the sufficient structural integrity and material thickness for the frame. We develop the connections.

The multi-axis milling machine selects the appropriate milling speed to carve out the denture from the zirconium-oxide block.

During the sintering, with the appropriate program, the material is heated to the ideal heat for the optimal amount of time so that the zircon-oxide achieves its final molecular structure while shrinking to the desired size. This is followed with a final precision work with a water-cooled turbine.

The frame is coated with an adhesive material to correct any microfractures and ensure an integrated and secure surface.  This is then coated with a liner layer, which gives colour to the surface chosen by the dentist. Then we add multiple layers of ceramic to achieve the most natural effect, creating the colour of the neck, dentin and border separately.  We then create the mamelons, the artificial imitation of the vertical streaks of the incisors.
During the firing process we work on: the occlusal surface is refined with diamond cutting and separators to fit the antagonist exactly. The ceramic cast is very individual and great freedom is given to the ceramic technician, who has developed this into an art.

The end result is that every prosthetic is completely unique. It suits the patients remaining teeth, age, facial structure, with the anatomical form taken into consideration.

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How are your teeth prepared?

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