Dental Laboratory

Our highly experienced staff take part in continual technical training in order to master the latest technologies and skills in dentistry.

Csaba Deák
Ceramic Dental Technician
Zsuzsanna László
Ceramic Dental Technician

 Ágota Sain
Ceramic Dental Technician

 Tamás Vincze
Director, Head Dental Technician
 Erzsébet Dénes
Prosthetics Dental Technician
 Gergő Nyáry
Dental Technician
Róbert Szilágyi
Dental Technician CAD/CAM
 Ferenc Bikfalvi
Dental Technician
 István Hitkó
 Rita Deák
Dental Technician Student

Our dental laboratory is equipped with today’s most advanced systems and materials. Currently we have a staff of twelve working for us and they are continuously taking part in further training to maintain and improve the quality of work. We are also one of the leading laboratories in Hungary in zircon manufacturing and we actively take part in research related to zircon production. One of our most prominent services is Zircon-Express, where we prepare a zirconium frame or crown in a very short period of time, which is then disguised with state of the art ceramics. 

The computer controlled milling machine carves out the frames with a precision of 10μm. This CAD/CAM technology is one of the most modern in the world, and gives accurate results. We have at our disposal every technology to do with dentistry and dental technology, from allergy free dentures to ceramic shells.

Our Dentists

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Some of the best dentists in Budapest, with great reputations in the field, are made available to you.

Dental Laboratory

World Class Technology

Thanks to continual innovations, we have at our disposal one of Europe’s most modern dental laboratories.

How are your teeth prepared?

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The most important thing next to the dental work done is the professional procedures with which your teeth are prepared.


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